About the Artist

Australian artist Philip Shadbolt, known for his bold colors and intricate details, delves into the profound essence of the human form. His creations radiate a mystical connection to the physical body. Influenced by Symbolist artists such as Moreau and Redon, and contemporaries like Pierre Et Gilles and James Bidgood, his artistic journey has been shaped by life experiences in India and Australia. With a foundation in fine art, illustration, and graphic design from the Claremont School of Art (Western Australia) in the early 1990s, he later relocated to the UK. Initially focused on large-scale oil paintings for private clients, he transitioned to interior design artwork for hotels in London and Brighton. Eventually, he ventured into the fashion world as a fabric and textiles print designer in India. Since returning to Australia in 2015, he has embraced digital creation resulting in this recent body of work.

In his exploration of digital collage creation, Philip employs cutting-edge techniques and technologies to craft intricate compositions. His artistic process involves merging a diverse range of visual elements, seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary aesthetics. Shadbolt’s meticulous attention to detail and mastery of digital tools allow him to construct immersive, multi-layered narratives within his artworks. Drawing inspiration from his extensive travels and cultural experiences, he skillfully weaves together elements from different times and places, creating captivating and thought-provoking visual stories. His digital collages reflect a harmonious fusion of creativity, technology, and a deep appreciation for the human form, inviting viewers into a world where past and present, reality and imagination coalesce.

“Stemming from the core belief that we are ancient, sublime, and ripe with the potential to do exceptional things in life, I strive to create a visual world that addresses themes of sexuality and gender as something incredible and extraordinary. These otherworldly beings are envisioned and made manifest to be our own reflections; an apparition of the very best qualities in each of us, a reminder of the divinity within that is so often neglected and forgotten. To expose ourselves as resilient and vibrant beings, yet to embrace that beautiful vulnerability within us is what makes them somehow more accessible and relatable. They are in fact ethereal dreams made flesh, a vivid display of eternal love for our fragile human experience and the natural world that surrounds us.”

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