Using bold colours and fine detail, Australian artist Philip Shadbolt explores something deeper with his art and depiction of the human form, and his creations revolve around a magical connectivity to the physical body. He has been greatly inspired by the Symbolists and Art Nouveau styles and concepts, with a background in fine art, illustration, and graphic design, having studied at the Claremont School of Art (Western Australia) in the 1990’s.

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Having lived between three continents as an artist has given him an incredible insight into different cultures, use of colour, and symbology. His beautiful avatars are usually luminous in appearance, and often adorned with natural world items such as flowers, feathers, jewels, and plants. Having spent many years travelling and exploring throughout India, his works reflect those rich and immersive experiences.

‘Kavala’ – Acrylic on canvas, 2003

“The beauty and grace that we often associate with the feminine nature of the universe wasn’t really something that I was seeing in the paintings of men through history. Of course there are lots of beautiful images of the masculine form by some truly wonderful artists, but I was finding that the concepts of power, strength, and dominance were often portrayed above the more ethereal nature of our true inner selves”

“Growing up in Australia instilled a very stereotyped ideal of what masculinity should be, but that was turned upside down when I arrived in India.”

“The mystical and the physical appeared more connected, merged, evident in everyday life, and the rich Hindu masculine/feminine iconography that was everywhere, turned on my inner creative light and compelled me to paint what I always knew to be true: that we are spirits having a human experience, that we are each a part of the cosmic nature of the Universe, irrespective of gender, and that we too, as men, can embrace this viewpoint and let show our own divine beauty within.”

‘Avatar’ -Acrylic on canvas, 2002

“I paint the male form because it is beautiful when we let our spirit shine through, and we each have a duty to nurture beauty, grace, and understanding in the world around us.”

In 2008 Philip also co-founded the design company Kundalini Arts, and they were commissioned to create one of the UK’s largest art installations for a chain of hotels in London and Brighton. Their artworks featured throughout the 150+ rooms on window blinds and as wall art.

‘Myhotel Brighton’ 2008

Soon after, they created their own fashion label and relocated back to India for manufacturing, co-designing all the prints featured on their beautiful & luxurious range of textiles.

‘Kundalini Arts’ fashion, textiles, print design

Their ‘wearable works of art’ have been featured in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Grazia magazines amongst others.

‘Kundalini Arts’ resort wear, 2015

Not content with the world of fast fashion however, they returned to Australia in 2015, as the incredible natural world around him had inspired a new artistic direction in Philip.

“We have awe inspiring sunsets over the Indian Ocean at our doorstep, and thousands of years of Aboriginal history and culture surrounding us, what’s not to love?”

His works can be found in private collections around the world, and he’s currently working towards an Artist Residency & Exhibition for April 2022 in Perth, Western Australia.

Email: info@philipshadbolt.com for prints, press, and original artwork enquiries

Click here to view Artist Resumé
Click here to read the Biography & Artist Statement
Click here to read ‘More from the Artist’
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